Custom Diet Plan


Custom nutrition diet plan (2 month commitment) $99.99/month

I have been a fitness professional for many years, competing and training, and while I am not a nutritionist I have worked with many following their programs and recommendations. Now you can benefit from my years of experience – minus the expense! – with these professionals by taking advantage of one or all of my lifestyle and fitness programs. They contain fitness and dietary regimes, recipes, and specific workouts that all contributed to my competitive edge and well-being.
I hope these special programs work as well for you as they have for me!

In this custom diet plan I will revise your health questionnaire along with your health history and habits to see what diet (balanced, keto, Intermittent fasting, Vegetarian, etc) is best suited for your body, your metabolic fingerprint and your needs.

For $99 per month (for 2 months) in this plan I will provide:

  • 2 meal plans (one per month)
  • Weekly tweaking (depending on progress)
  • Your macro breakdown (Fat, protein and carbohydrates )
  • See what diet plan is best for your needs (busy mom, traveler, hectic lifestyle, etc)
  • Give you an option of fats, proteins and carbs that you can choose from
  • Meal frequency (Ranges include 1, 2, 3, or 4 meals per day) *varies for each client


Since this is a diet only program which excludes a fitness program it will take you a bit longer to reach your goals, please fee free to email me also for a fitness program custom made for you!
Email support is encouraged 24/7 and we will check in weekly to see how you feel. You are also encouraged of maximum results to:

  • Journal your food intake
  • Record your starting point: start weight, measurements and take a Before photo
  • Emotional progress: how you felt, record any cheat treats (if you cheated and why you felt like it, ie: felt you deserved it, rewarded yourself, self control &willpower, etc)
  • Track your weekly goals (stay motivated, get more sleep, trying supplementation, etc)


Since everyone’s metabolism is at different stages in their lives it is difficult to access what is right or wrong based on nutritional needs for any given client, it takes an overall assessment and progress is similar to that of trial and error and we will work together to tweak your diet to help get to your health goals.