3-Day Detox Reset


I have been a fitness professional for many years, competing and training, and while I am not a nutritionist I have worked with many following their programs and recommendations. Now you can benefit from my years of experience – minus the expense! – with these professionals by taking advantage of one or all of my lifestyle and fitness programs. They contain fitness and dietary regimes, recipes, and specific workouts that all contributed to my competitive edge and well-being.
I hope these special programs work as well for you as they have for me!

Want to start off the new year healthy and feeling more energetic? This 3 day detox plan is simple to follow and easy to do.

The recipe for the shakes are arranged to help keep your body satiated without feeling hungry all the time. Detoxing your body periodically is something that we should do in order to rid the body of toxins and to help alleviate stress on the liver. These detox shakes will help you to get rid of unwanted bloating that stems from the body not being able to digest certain foods.

This plan will help you get off to a fresh new start!

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